When The Stomach Is Down, You're Down

Stomach Lakelands Acupuncture PentictonMost of us only think of our stomachs when they are empty or hurting. And only when the stomach is hurting do we suspect that anything may be wrong down there. However, we know that there are a whole lot of other times you should be thinking of your stomach.

More Than Just the Stomach Itself

For instance, have you ever thought of your stomach when your left hip is aching? Probably not. How about when you have left shoulder or neck pain.  Perhaps numbness down your left leg? Do you get filled up easily when you eat and do you have a heavy feeling in your lower abdomen? Is your stool thin or are you prone to constipation? Do you get headaches, especially nauseous ones climbing up the left back of the head and neck, or across the forehead? Any one or a combination of these can be owing to a stomach that has prolapsed (fallen).

Held Up by Vital Energy or Qi

Naturally, we think that our stomachs are held in place by fascia or are anchored by the esophagus and the duodenum. Actually, it is held in place by our body's vital force or, as we say in Chinese medicine, 'Qi' (pronounced 'chi'). When this Qi becomes disrupted through physical and emotional forces, we lose some of its power. This is when the battle against the forces of gravity may be lost. In the case of the stomach, Qi is damaged mostly by mental forces of worry, over-thinking, pensiveness, or obsessive behavior.

Some of us are seemingly born to a proclivity to be that way. My own mother had headaches and migraines for as long as I knew her. When she came to Japan, where I was living at the time,  we were able to treat her for this lifelong stomach prolapse. Today she rarely has a headache. My sister suffered from bad menstrual cramps and headaches until we were able to do the same. Now she comes back annually to make sure it doesn't regress into its old state.

Left Hip Pain, Menstrual Problems and Prostate

Pain in the hips, especially on the left, can also be an indication of a prolapsed stomach. We believe that many hips have been replaced under false circumstances. I asked one poor lady who approached us with the problem of left-sided cluster headaches. She admitted to having aching in the left shoulder and scapular area as well. I asked her if she had any problem with her left hip. She promptly told me that she had had two hip replacements on her left side, but they hadn't done any good. Of course not! The source of the problem was her stomach and the blockage of the meridian through there.

Hysterectomy Related?

She also said that she had had a hysterectomy in her mid-thirties. I was not surprised. Stomachs that hang down and crowd area in the lower abdomen sufficiently can cause a multitude of problems in that area. Probably the worst problem is that the vacuity created by a lost uterus can allow the stomach to prolapse further.

I have treated only a few cases of endometriosis, but all of these had severe prolapse of the stomach, as did most of the cases of menorrhagia. Moreover, in those cases where prolapse of the uterus led to hysterectomy, the stomach was riding extremely low, causing a multitude of other problems that I have already mentioned. I have seen cases where I could clearly relate the problem of bladders pressured to the point of incontinence. Another caused a probable precancerous adenoma of the rectum. I find this often in men with prostate problems for the same reasons.

Indigestion and Heartburn

People with prolapsed stomachs, of course, have a really hard time with indigestion. Mostly they are subject to a lot of gas and bloating. When they begin to eat, they feel full quickly. Also they might have an extremely heavy feeling in their lower abdomen. They frequently suffer from heartburn and live with antacids or with the aid of expensive prescription drugs to control the problem. As I said before, the stool can be rather thin and may even be the cause of chronic constipation.

What cannot be overlooked is the lack of efficiency this brings to one's overall food digestibility. When any part of the digestive system is not able to do its job adequately, the absorption of nutrients is going to be compromised. That usually leads to more food, more need for food, and less nutrition actually provided. People with prolapse of the stomach battle a settling effect of the lower abdomen and a stagnancy that makes taking the weight off difficult.

Loss of Appetite and Nutrition

Conversely, for so many others the malposition of the stomach amounts to a complete suppression of the appetite. Coupled with this can be a lifelong lack of vitality. Many of us think that "if you're thin you're in." But to a person who can't gain weight and vitality, it's a nightmare. Many of these people have a kyphosis of the back and head that stretches out ahead of them. Eventually this leads to a promise of ongoing neck and shoulder aches. These are prime suspects for those suffering from stomach prolapse.

While it may not be immediately life-threatening, it can be life-debilitating. It is often the precondition for a lot of conditions that directly extend from it. Consider it to be the source for a good deal of problems with the digestion and bowel. Added to this could be chronic back problems, weight problems, menstrual difficulties, headaches, and just general debility.

Only We do Nesshi

The Lakelands Clinic is the only clinic that uses Nesshi, a proven treatment for prolapsed stomach. This is also the only clinic that can tell you just where your prolapse problems lie. If you think you may have a problem with your stomach, we encourage you to give us a call. Perhaps we could help you with this very serious part of your health make-up.

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