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Allergy is a misunderstood concept in our modern world. We think we only have allergies when we are sneezing in the Spring, or when we get a stomachache from dairy or a rash from something else we've consumed.

Actually, it is more like a second line of control that your body-mind (brain) develops. It is a protection from something that your body-mind seems to feel is harmful. We can usually trace the development of allergies back to the times when we are physically or emotionally low.

Then something enters our sphere of sensitivity (the auric field?) and decides to 'throw it out" to protect us. I liken it to a dog that catches a rat and gets a reward for doing it. It is, in fact, good if it is a rat, but bad if it is your son's pet gerbil. Sadly, the dog may keep doing it until we train it to recognize the difference. Hopefully, it is not many dead gerbils later. The sad part is that once the body-mind has decided that it is doing you a favor, it just keeps on doing it until we train it not to. Basically, that is just what we do. We train the body not to see it as an allergy.

How do We Get Allergies?

Allergy by Emotional Association

This is a very interesting one. I'll give the example that Devi Nambutripad, herself, gave in the seminar I first took from her. Let's say you come home one afternoon just in time for dinner.  Your parent is in a particularly foul mood. Then your parent proceeds to castigate you which leaves you emotionally shaken. Your parent then tells you to "sit down and eat your dinner, especially those peas!" So, you're in shock.

Your body-mind associates your shock with the peas themselves. It could also be food in the same vibrational family as those peas. Moreover, it could be the separate nutrients in the peas, like Vitamin C, or Calcium etc. Dr. Devi always admonishes not to eat when we are in a bad emotional state. This is very interesting since we are a society that seems to want to soothe our emotions with food.

Allergy from a Low Immune State

Let's just say that you are in a very low immune state. There could be many reasons for this such as, sickness, tiredness or even just having poor pre-natal chi. We often see people with lots of allergies as being a category of children who were throughout their lives 'not thriving.' [As a sidebar here I would like to say that I have met many patients and others who would have considered themselves to be this type of child. They worked themselves out of it in their teenage years through ardent interests in physical activities like sports or dance. As a further note these same people seem to avidly keep their interests in physical betterment.]

In this second line of defense, the allergy response steps up to save them from harm. Sadly, the allergy may not just do it for the moment, but for a lifetime. An example of this is the fact that the body may see dust mites as a possible threat when your immune system is low. It creates a sneezing, eye-watering, mucous forming and bronchial spasming reaction to any small particulate matter thereafter. This is all because of the initial association with dust mites.

Allergy from Over Saturation

My wife was overjoyed when we first cleared her of hay fever and NEAT Allergy Elimination Lakelands Acupuncture PentictonSpring allergies, and then to her allergy to apples. When she was a child, she just wanted to stay outside and play. She didn't want to waste her time to come inside for proper meals. She also loved apples. They had apple trees on their property so she just ate apples all day long and never seemed to tire of them. That is until she started developing sores in her mouth every time she ate them. So, sadly, she had to give them up until we treated her for them in adulthood.

The body said enough and formed a reaction. The reaction could just have well been diarrhea. We find the same thing with sugar in a good half of our patients. We will bombard ourselves with sugar at least two times a year, Christmas and Easter. It isn't long before our body says that we are in 'sugar acidosis' and decides to throw it out. It may not give you an adverse reaction like sores in the mouth. It could just be passing it out with the urine.

But it is a needed source of energy in its stored form. Sadly, our body sees it as a vibration and decides to throw it out in all forms when it sees it. Suddenly,  we are not absorbing whole sugars like maltose from grains or fructose from fruit, lactose from milk etc. What happens after that is that we are driven to get our sugar needs in bursts of refined sugar. Right now you might be remembering that chocolate bar that you need to keep you functioning throughout the afternoon.

Some Other Ideas - Stress

Stress in general, causes a flood of responses to happen within the system. However, I'm not sure the body-mind was ever supposed to endure today's levels of constant stress. These are some of the likely causes related to thyroid problems and neurotransmitter problems like tryptophan, dopamine, and serotonin. These neurohormones can also become allergic.

While I take no firm stand on the vaccine debate, I recently watched a doctor on youtube. She expressed the assertion that the metals used in the preservation of the serums, actually block the absorption of nutrients to the babies who are inoculated. I treat so many young people for lack of vitamin and nutrient absorption that one has to wonder if this isn't true. After that I even wonder whether it affects some neurohormones or other messengers to cause an effect on the growing autism problem.

Some of the things that are approved by the government as food is still a poison to the system. Everyone I ever test is allergic to artificial sweeteners which are clearly such a  poison. Food that is over-sprayed with chemical pesticides has a good possibility of causing an allergic reaction. When I was living in Japan, lots of children were becoming allergic to rice, probably because Monsanto was so big there. Japan definitely overuses chemical farming.

When I test anything put into a microwave oven for as little as fifteen seconds, it will come out being made allergic to the person eating it. I also wonder if this is not part of the rise of the number of common items that we are becoming allergic to.

What Sorts Of Things Become Allergic


We often have a person who complains of tiredness or the inability to cope. After testing, we find the body is saying "no" to almost every essential nutrient that they need to function on a daily basis.  Think of it, basic vitamins such as , C, B and A  could be thrown out by your body-mind's need to protect you from it.

Environmental Stimuli

Sure we know about dust and pollens, but lots of people are allergic to the wind, damp cold and changes in weather like low barometric pressure.

Chemicals and Odorants

Sometimes we have very little sympathy for people who are sick from the things in the air around us. They could be suffering from the formaldehyde in the carpet or the petrochemical plastics in the countertop. This is certainly a case of canaries in the coal mine for more of us in the future.

The Functional Messengers Inside Our Body

Today we are finding lots of people who have turned off on their own thyroid hormones, serotonin, normal adrenal responses, and dopamines, etc.

Electrical and The Microelectronic World

Increasingly, there are people who are not able to tolerate living in the modern Nuts Allergies Lakelands Acupuncture Pentictonworld. We are becoming more densely embedded in a world of electrical and microwave pollution.  At the same time, there is a scarcity of places these people can find respite from a world they cannot live in.

Emotions We Live With and Suffer From

Have you ever been driving down the road and remember some incident? This could be an incident of shame or embarrassment that puts you someplace else. Suddenly,  you lose track of what you are doing? We all suffer from messages in our past. These thoughts, recollections, or emotions keep us in a cyclical nether state in our lives. We are never going forward, but treading in the same untenable frame of mind. These reactions to the messages of our past are as real to us as the dust that made us sneeze only minutes before.