"Better To Nourish Life, Than To Work Against Death"

Lakelands Acupuncture PentictonActually, there is so much written on acupuncture. Contrary to when I started, I find that a lot of my patients have had acupuncture before. Furthermore people  are starting to understand it a lot better.  However, there  is still the element of mystery, This is so much so that it is hard to separate the reality from the myth.

Separate Concepts, Separate Understanding

For some people, it is good for sore muscles, backs and shoulders. For others it is necessary for relaxation and emotional problems. Still others, see it as the primary focus for addiction or appetite control. The one answer that fits all these applications is that it is used to manipulate and control energetic forces in the field of the body/mind. When energy gets stuck, there is pain. When energy is insufficient there is tiredness and lack of function. And when our mind is stuck, there is no way to see clear of our problems.

Is it Painful?

Whether acupuncture is painful or not depends on the level of stuckness of their condition. When the energy and blood is deeply blocked, there is pain. This makes the flesh hard and resistant and the acupuncture can be quite a challenge. It is the job of the acupuncturist to force the release of the energy. If done right this direct approach should, in time, relieve the pain. When the energy releases there is often a surge of energy or a shock of response. This is the level of needling needed to release the pain and pressure of the energy. This is true whether it is pain of muscle or of emotions.

When the energy is low, the energy draws the needle to it warmly. This is when the effect on the body-mind should be a giving response and the body receives it openly. Acupuncture can be subtle or abrupt depending on the needs of the patient. In either case, efficacy of treatment should be the highest regard for the practitioner.