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Treatable Conditions Headache Lakelands Acupuncture PentictonYou would think that if you had a headache or a migraine, there would be something wrong with your head, right? Well, yeah, when there is a completely disabling migraine that kept getting worse each time you had one.   This  could be a brain tumor and if that is the case, you must already know.  If that were the case I would  hope you are scheduled for surgery soon.

In most cases, it is not caused in the head, but its pressures are registered there. The head is actually integrally connected with the rest of the body. When some kind of blockage takes place in the body, it can become registered in the head. If the blockages in the body area are really blocked with a lot of pressure, the vessels in the related part of the head may become constricted. That's when you are heading for a headache or migraine.

When Do You Have To Do Something?

It is no surprise that most headache and migraine sufferers know their pain medications. The old joke is that a headache is nothing more than a closed pharmacy and poor planning. Waiting until you're in the middle of a migraine is too late. It is a little like waiting to make your car payment(s) when the guy is there to repossess your car.

Sadly, we don’t usually see someone until there is no level of common pain medication doing the job. Often it is  not until the pharmaceutical stuff doesn’t work anymore.  It is not just in your head, and the source syndrome is sending bigger signals, and the imbalance in your body is just that bad.

There are some ways to get a better understanding of what type of a headache you have. There is a lot that can be understood about the source of the headache just by its intensity and where it is located in the head.

Dull and Vacuous, Or Sharp and Debilitating

When energy does not reach the head properly, you will have a dull or a vacuous headache that just lingers all day. This is called a deficiency headache and may be caused by many problems around access to nutrition, including the Spleen, or allergies, or just poor diet etc. As a person becomes weaker and weaker in life, having complete days when they have a dull headache may become more common.

Sharper headaches reflect an inner tenseness in the system. Most likely there is a chronic condition that spills over into crisis episodes.  These can become incapacitating when they onset.

Depending On Where the Headache Is

There are two main culprits when we talk about sharper headaches. One is the Liver and its associate, the gallbladder, and the other is the stomach and its associate the Pancreas, which in Chinese Medicine, we call the Spleen.

Liver Headaches

The Liver and Gallbladder ones usually land in the temples or the very apex at the top of the head. When the Gallbladder is involved it is more likely to be on the right side, though not all the time. When there is an extreme build up of stress in the Liver, we can get headaches in both temples or at the top of the head. Both of these can be very stabbing.

Sometimes there is an extreme heat. This can be caused by a yin deficiency or spicy foods or just a hot constitution. Wgen this happens, the eyes and the facial features will become red. In this case a dark room and a cool compress seem like good friends.

Stomach Headaches

The stomach version, if severe, will most often take place on the forehead or on the left side of the head. It often settles in above the left eye. It can be mistaken for a sinus headache, except that, of course, in a sinus congestion there are signs of mucous and such.

Either the Stomach or the Liver-type of a headache, if severe enough, can cause nausea and a sensitivity to light. Most people have experience eating or drinking too much of the wrong thing, and relieving the associated headache by throwing up. Sorry to get so graphic.

Kidney Headaches

As the kidney support energy becomes weak, the condition of the spine can become rigid.  This is as a way of coping with the lack of energetic support. This usually extends up to the back of the head and may stay there. Kidney deficient people will often wake up in the morning with a back of the head headache.  This is because this is the low time for the kidneys energy.

Vasoconstriction Protection

There are a lot of poisons in our world and our body may protect us from them by constricting the blood vessels to limit access. For a lot of people this may be MSG or certain food dyes. There are also odor-ants such as road tar and for some people, perfumes, and fabric softening cloth strips that you put in the dryer.

Today, some people are getting violently ill in the presence of electromagnetic and microwave fields.  These are becoming more prevalent in our society. I’ve also had many patients who get massive headaches from intrusions  of low barometric pressure or even wind.

All of these things are treatable as they fall under the sphere of allergies. Of course, the problem we have is that it is not as quick and easy as popping a pill. In the long run, a headache or a migraine is just a signal, like a fire alarm. If we just keep suppressing the alarm, the problems at the source could become dangerously worse.

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