Allergy Elimination, Pathway to Greater Health

Woman Blowing Nose Allergies Lakelands AcupunctureThe first thing I always have to do for a new patient is to help them redefine allergies. We may see people with a bad attack of hay fever or almost unable to breathe from an exposure to cats and say to ourselves that we're really glad we're not allergic. The truth is that there are many extreme outward reactions to elements in nature that we consider allergy reactions.  There is also another whole element of our basic health makeup that is suffering from some of the same processes.  At my clinic, this is where we turn to the NAET (Nambutripad Allergy Elimination Technique) solution. This truly can be our pathway to greater health.

Redefining Allergy

An allergy is an attempt by the body to rid itself of something it feels is threatening. It is hard to actually declare in what part of the brain institutes this automatic/autonomic reaction to a physical substance or emotional incident (Eliminating Your Allergies).  But we do have some ideas around the circumstances that cause it.

Allergy and the Body-Mind

A body/mind in a low state, either immune deficient as the result of a sickness, prolonged tiredness or a depressed state will adopt this allergic reaction.  It throws the substance out as a means of self-protection.  Usually, it does this through some form of excretion through the kidneys or the bowels or by blocking its entrance with a histamine response when it feels threatened such as coughing, sniffling, wheezing etc.  This is what we outwardly associate with allergy. Usually, we can trace the recognizable difference in the start of their allergic life to a period of some physical or emotional catastrophe.

Some of us just start out life too sickly and ill-equipped to fend off the vicissitudes of a world filled with physical stimuli that the body/mind considers too dire for us to live with. So, in a low immune state, the body may make enemies with almost anything. Similarly, when we are emotionally in a very trying state, the body will associate various stimuli such as food or odors, particulate matter etc., with the adverse emotional response.  Thereafter it will form an aversion or an allergy to that associated substance.

Allergy On the Increase

The problem is that we are progressing and I think generationally toward becoming more allergic. It is rare that I test much older patients who grew up on a farm in their youth and find any significant level of allergy at all. However, as the generations progress, some level of allergy response is more or less expected. Tragically, we are growing up in a world that is more toxic and generally more nutritionally impaired than any generation before. Children of today can expect to be in contact with approximately 80,000 toxic chemicals. They will live in a society with more palpable stress than ever before, and try to build a platform of health, largely on food that is processed and nutritionally impaired.

One of many examples that I have recently been made aware of is that twenty-five years ago, the rate of autism in children was one in ten-thousand.  Today it is one in one hundred and fifty and in some areas one in sixty-six. Dr. Natasha Campbell-Mcbride, the author of Gut and Psychology Syndrome (Gaps Diet), has reversed autism in many children. She employs an extreme focus on returning the integrity of the gut.   According to her, each progressive generation's absorptive capacity has become more and more diminished through the loss of gut flora and poor nutrition.

Why Allergies Are Increasing

Some of the things we can attribute this to are antibiotics, refined medicines, birth control, baby formulas instead of mother's milk, general toxicity and the loss of whole foods and food integrity. Instead, we have turned to adulterated, processed food from mass agriculture. Some are adamantly pointing the finger at the vaccination industry. We have also begun to understand that much of the predominating wisdom of the "no fat" and poly-unsaturated revolution of the last sixty to eighty years has sent health in the wrong direction.

As a part of every initial diagnosis with a patient, I test them for allergies. Most people are willing to suspect that they are perhaps allergic to things like milk or wheat, but are usually surprised when I start to test them for things like Vitamin C, or Vitamin B, Iron, Calcium, Salt or Amino Acids. In their minds, they can't be allergic to things like these. Like I said before when a body/mind feels threatened by something it may throw it out through some level of excretion and still be considered an allergy.

Allergy and Basic Health

When a body throws out things like basic constituents of nutrition, you may not have an outward reaction like abdominal cramps etc.  But of course, the real problem is that you don't get the use of these things either. Most people think that Vitamins are energy in themselves, but they are really co-enzymes. This means that they are agents that help us use good food effectively. Why would you pay good money for good food if you are willing to use only a small part of that food passively?

Most people only think of their health when they really get so sick they are unable to function. When the mechanic tells us that the engine fell apart early because we never changed the oil, we understand this. When the dentist says that he has to remove your teeth because you had bad dental habits, we understand this too. One day we may say that you are dysfunctional because you considered nutrition haplessly, and as a consequence, your body doesn't absorb it well enough to function well. We may have a hard time understanding this and look for a more immediate solution. The good news is that with NAET Allergy Elimination (NAET), unlike losing our teeth, we just have to take the time to get this function back.

Basic Nutrient Absorption

A classic example often considered when talking about food allergy is that old adversary, milk. In order to treat it as an allergen, we must first consider its constituent parts such as Vitamin C, Sugar (lactose), Calcium and even other things like Vitamins B, A and D and maybe even protein. Without treating its component parts, even a  mild allergy will never sustain. In the early days, many of my patients proved this to me by ignoring my admonition to do it right and repeated the milk allergy many times over. You should only have to do it once, but do it in order and do it completely. Today, I won't treat people for various allergies unless they look at their complete health picture to make sure it stays fixed.

An Allergy Case

When I was first starting out, a particularly allergic but skeptical young woman, came in and agreed to try out my services. First of all, she wanted to be treated for animals. That following weekend she played with some puppies without getting sick for the first time in her life. She and her new husband both took great joy in her new found freedoms. She became like a kid in a candy store. We did molds, spring allergies, dust and the list of environmental allergens went on forever. She could suddenly go places and do things that she could never do before.

Allergic and Not Absorbing Nutrition

But, I could tell that the reason she was so allergic is that all her life she had been weaker and sickly.  I encouraged to look at the basics like Vitamin C, B, A, Iron, Calcium, protein, etc. Maybe then she could take some herbs and get stronger. She just looked at me and smiled as if to say: "why would I want to do that, when I get all that I want by treating it directly?" Sadly, I saw her again about five years later. Where she was thin and pale before, she had put on a considerable amount of weight, a phenomenon we often see when someone is kidney deficient ( Kidneys in Support of Everything). She said that all the allergies had come back. I told her that it was because she never did any of the work to support her basic underlying health.

She resented the idea of having to do all the work over again, but she had recalled my asking her to do it right in the first place. Right now, not only was she tired and more allergic than ever but was wanting to have a baby and they couldn't get pregnant. This is a problem of something we call "reserve."  This is the body's inner-sense of whether or not it has the strength and support to carry a baby. Without adequate reserve, it is very hard to get pregnant at all. Strange that in drought and ravaged areas, women who may be starving to some extent can still get pregnant.  Here, many young women in our advanced world cannot, even in the seeming midst of plenty.

The NAET Solution

NAET is truly a medicine for a new age; this age. Many of my colleagues who don't do allergy elimination work are finding it difficult to give their patients herbs that they need.  So often the patient can't take such a concentrated and nutritious food. I believe this is because the patient of today, particularly the ones dealing with deficiency, don't have the capacity to absorb what they need when it is so concentrated. This is because their body is used to throwing out these micro-nutrients on a constant level. Of course, I am alluding to a bigger problem in society at large.  Each potential patient must decide for themselves to increase their body's ability to accrue nutrition before it is too late.

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