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Joel Whitehead, Dr. of TCM

Joel Whitehead Lakelands Acupuncture PentictonDr. Whitehead has been involved with oriental medicine for the last thirty-eight years. He has studied Nesshi Therapy in Japan and acupuncture in Korea, Sri Lanka, and Canada. Centering his studies on herbs, acupuncture, and diagnostics, he finished his degree in Canada at the International College of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  NAET (Nambutripad Allergy Elimination Technique) was added to his list of modalities in 1997. He continues to broaden his studies yearly, never stopping to wonder at the miracles that oriental medicine continues to bring.

In 1995 he opened his first clinic in Kelowna, BC, and in 2010 he moved the clinic to its present location in Penticton,  closer to his home.

Besides an established reputation for treating thousands of patients over the last twenty-two years, Dr. Whitehead is also asked to do on-sight clinics throughout the province (see contact page for details).

He continues to reside in Summerland, British Columbia with his wife Vicki and has three grown children, also living in the province.

Our Philosophy

We've become the world of instant fixes, where you go to the doctor and they give you medicines to stop the symptoms. This only works for a while. Ignoring the underlying causes will only lead you to a place where the short-term solutions are no longer possible. It is like living your life on a credit card. Sure, it is fun for the day, but the disaster is when the debt comes due.

Where a doctor may give you a separate medicine for each symptom; all the symptoms may be attributable to the same cause or dysfunction. The body seeks balance on its own and in its own way, and we have to optimize and allow its self-healing wisdom to happen.

The Body and Mind Are One

The body and mind are one. They coordinate synergistically and each is as real as the other. Emotional problems, stress, and worry will affect our physical health. They will affect our sleep, the function of our gut, our immune systems and our energy and enthusiasm for life. This even spreads out to become the pain and dysfunction of the rest of our bodies.

The opposite is also true. If we are in ill health, tired for any length of time or in persistent pain, our minds will be commensurately depressed or unable to function emotionally on many levels. Mostly, this is when we return to the slippery slope of instant drug solutions.

In all things, finding balance is the key and helping the patient to find the "road back to health", though never the quick and easy way, is what we strive for in our practice.

The Clinic