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Dr. Joel Whitehead

Dr. Joel Whitehead

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We are in a unique position in the field of Chinese and natural medicine. People have come from all over because of the work we do. With our Nesshi Therapy and NAET Allergy work combined, we get people when they have no place else to go to get the healing behind the problem. It is a real joy to turn around problems like Colitis and Crohn's Disease, Fibromyalgia,  deeply embedded menstrual problems and even pre-cancerous conditions. Of course, we also do a lot of chronically sore backs, shoulder, headaches, and migraines and have a high rate of success. When you are ready, I hope to be able to see you as well.

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Acupuncture “Better To Nourish Life, Than To Work Against Death” Actually, there is so much written on acupuncture. Contrary to when I started, I find that a lot of my patients have had acupuncture before. Furthermore people  are starting to…

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Herbology Lakelands Acupuncture Penticton


Herbology What is Herbology? Herbology is such a different concept between east and west. When I studied western herbology it was rather simple. Largely it was various indications for application of an herb with little consideration for the temperature, energy, and direction…

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NEAT Allergy Elimination Lakelands Acupuncture Penticton

NAET Allergy Elimination Technique

NAET Allergy Elimination Allergies Allergy is a misunderstood concept in our modern world. We think we only have allergies when we are sneezing in the Spring, or when we get a stomachache from dairy or a rash from something else we’ve…

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Nesshi Therapy Lakelands Acupuncture Penticton

Nesshi Therapy

Nesshi Therapy The Therapy You Need When You’ve Got Nothing Else To Turn To A Unique And Effective Treatment Most of my patients come from far away. They come here not so much for me in particular, but because I am…

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I just wanted to let you know how well the Nesshi treatments have worked for me.

I can't believe the difference it has made. I'm constantly catching myself and realizing that I don't hurt!! I'm biking and walking a lot.

My husband has been really great. He's making sure that I'm eating all the right stuff.  We now have homemade chicken stock in the freezer at all times Now might be a good time to invest in chicken futures.

Incredible Bowel Movements, Thanks to Joel Whitehead.

For nearly seven years I had an average of two bowel movements per week. I suffered from abdominal pain, very bad gas and low energy. I tried every treatment I could find; conventional and alternative. But nothing worked. Then I tried your treatments. You gave me two weeks of allergy elimination with acupuncture and a week of Nesshi therapy. A week after my last treatment I suddenly started having bowel movements every day, no more abdominal pains, very little gas and increased energy. It's been two months now and thing are still going strong.


I owe you a lot. Thanks Joel.

Darrin Caruso,

Kelowna, BC


Allergy free? I can't believe it! After 9 years of hives, headaches, fasts, pills and salves, I am allergy free thanks to your treatments. I'll miss my visits, but will enjoy eating everything again.

I am deeply grateful.


Joyce McMillan

Kelowna, BC

I have come here from Switzerland to study English. I came to see Dr. Whitehead because I have been having much stress, depression and anxiety for many years. Dr. Whitehead is able to see what I need and I have only one treatment a week for only 5 weeks now and I feel completely cured. Thank you very much.


Thomas Amman

Bern, Switzerland

Gentle Joel  with the healing of the Nesshi treatment.

I had unbearable pains in my lower back, through the pelvis and into the lower legs. After nine treatments the pain is gone and I can get on with my work. I also had arthritis really bad in my knuckles, shoulders and knee, which has all gone.

The best thing is the hot flushes are down to a slight warming. My organs are working properly again...all with the Nesshi treatments.

Thanks Joel.

Clare Austin,

Kelowna, BC