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The Mind and Body are One

 Here are a list of modalities and a bit of what they are about:


Actually, there is so much written on acupuncture, that I am starting to find that not only have a lot of my patients had acupuncture before, a lot more people understand it better. Along with that however, is the element of mystery, so much so that it is hard to separate the reality from the myth. For some people, it is good for sore muscles, backs and shoulders. For others it is necessary for relaxation and emotional problems. Still others, see it as the primary focus for addiction or appetite control. The one answer that fits all these applications is that it is used to manipulate and control energetic forces in the field of the body/mind.

When energy gets stuck, there is pain. When energy is insufficient there is tiredness and lack of function. And when our mind is stuck, there is no way to see clear of our problems.

Whether acupuncture is painful or not depends on the level of stuckness of their condition. When the energy and blood is deeply blocked, there is pain. This makes the flesh hard and resistant and the acupuncture can be quite a challenge. It is the job of the acupuncturist to  force the release of the energy if he or she finds that this direct approach will relieve the pain. When the energy releases there is often a surge of energy or a shock of response. This is the level of needling needed to release the pain and pressure of the energy, whether it is pain of muscle or of emotions.

When the energy is low, the energy draws the needle to it warmly. This is when the effect on the body/mind should be a giving response and the body receives it openly.

Acupuncture can be subtle or abrupt depending on the needs of the patient. In either case, efficacy of treatment should be the highest regard for the practitioner.

Actually, I have written a more complete article on energy movement in acupuncture called: How Acupuncture Works.


Nesshi Therapy-

Nothing will advance the recovery of a serious patient as fast as Nesshi Therapy. I brought this from Japan, where I learned it after it changed the course of my own life completely. I only use it for my most difficult patients or patients who are very serious about changing their condition in a very big way.

           Usually, in an intensive two week period we can completely change the entire direction of a patient's road to recovery, no matter how serious it is.

In the beginning, the pain of the treatment can be intense. This is a point that we always make very clear to the patient before they take up the challenge. By the end of the treatments, however, the patient has only the slightest bit of sensitivity, signaling that all their energies and organs are fully functioning.

          Healing is a journey of change, and when the patient is ready to accept big changes in their health picture, they are ready for Nesshi Therapy.

If you want to learn more, read my article simply titled: Nesshi Therapy.

NAET Allergy Elimination Technique-

Allergies are one of the biggest problems in the field of medicine, and with this simple technique, we can change the picture of allergy problems, usually in less than one day. This has been one of the greatest discoveries in the field of alternative medicine in the last twenty five years.

           Moreover, we have begun to understand that an allergy is more than just the outward reaction of the nasal passages or the skin that we thought it is. Anytime the body wants to rid the body of something or block the entrance of something, we can call it an allergy. For instance, if your body does not absorb Vitamin C or Vitamin B-complex, this is the same as an allergy, because the body/mind has decided to block its absorption.

If your body retains a poison in the body, it is merely holding it in check as a sort of isolation, until we are able to give it the signal to rid the body of the poison.

NAET has become one of the greatest tools in vibrational healing today. As I have described in my articles: NAET and Neuroplasticity and Understanding Allergies , this powerful technique can totally alter the way our body works.

Emotional Allergies-

Our emotions are very much  at the center of our body/mind. Over the years of my tenure as a Dr. of Traditional Chinese Medicine, it has been show to me time and again that physical illness only follows emotional discord.

           A year or so ago, I had a patient who kept breaking out in psoriasis. It would pop up overnight. It itched so much that he could hardly work. He had his own business which was very seasonal and weather dependent, so if things went wrong he worried that he would not make enough money in the season to see him throughout the year. At first he was sure it was his leather gloves and he was sure as well. The psoriasis went away in one day. Soon it came back however, and I realized it was his fear of lack, and something between him and his father that made his psoriasis appear. In every turn, every business deal, he would break out until we had all his insecurities about money and being a responsible son worked out.

          Yesterday, I was working on a man with a very serious condition who wasn't showing signs of improvement because his worry over his condition and his future, that, ironically, he wasn't allowing to get better because of the fear. I treated him for that same fear and today we both agreed that we saw great improvement in his condition. It is one of the first true smiles I've seen on his face since he came back to see me.

          We carry fear and insecurity around with us from the time we are a child. Then we keep making the same mistakes and staying in the vicious cycles and hating ourselves for it. These are not only obstacles that make us fall back into patterns of ill health, but also a blockade to arriving at our larger spirit and getting off the path that we were put on this earth to pursue.

Chinese Herbal Medicine-

One of the frustrating parts of being in Chinese Medicine today is realizing that in western medicine and in western herbology we do not understand the energetic system of the medicines or the herbs we are using.

           There is so much that is individual about an herb or herb formula. Some of the herbs are warming and some are cooling. If you give a warm herb to an already warm person, it can make them too hot and make them sicker. Mostly, western practitioners do not fully understand the individuality of the patient before they administer the herbs.

When I read a western herb book, it simply states that this herb is good for this and that herb is good for that. But, for instance, if you give feverfew to a person who is already cold in nature for their headaches, it will make her colder and make her headaches worse.

Chinese herbal medicine is at least six thousand years old. It is almost like a separate language, which only a very few completely master in a lifetime. In China, it is older and much more propitious than acupuncture, though it parodies the same philosophy. I am lucky to have access to some of those masters who have come to North America.

I used to make raw herb formulas for patients, but few would take them, because they didn't like the taste. Today, I can approximate that fairly closely with herbal formulas that have been prepared and then dried and made into tablet form. This is how I usually end my healing, with herbs to finish changing the energies of the patient and return them to final balance. Sometimes this can take months to years, but patients are always happy to have something that can keep advancing their state of health and keep them away from their dreadful days of sickness.




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