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The Mind and Body are One


Here is what some of our former patients are saying:

Miracle Man

            I am a patient of Joel Whitehead, and I would like to share with you my own personal experiences with this incredible healer I call the Miracle Man.

            For many years I led and entrenched street existence; a life of prostitution, cocaine and alcohol. Three years ago I turned my life around. I moved in with a dear friend of mine, now my fiance' and best friend. I was a mess. I was determined to get off the streets and kick the drugs and alcohol. I became very ill. The excruciating pain throughout my entire body was unbearable. My legs and back were getting very weak. It seemed almost impossible. I sought help from various doctors and other professionals in the field of medicine, enduring numerous tests and prescriptions. I was admitted to the hospital emergency where they conducted more tests and x-rays. I was devastated. Were they ever going to find out what was wrong with me?

            By this time I was walking with a cane. One day I was in so much pain, my fiance called an ambulance. I spent the night in the hospital and the next morning I woke up with no feeling in my legs. This condition lasted for several hours. Next, I underwent physiotherapy, chiropractor and massage therapy treatments which seemed to worsen my condition. I was constantly in tears wondering if my condition would ever improve.

            Out of desperation we decided to go see another chiropractor. We ordered x-rays and discovered I had no bend in my neck, sublexation and a second phase degenerating spine. I was devastated. I was told there wasn't all that mych they could do for me. I was suicidal at this point. I knew I couldn't go on anymore.

            Then I met Joel Whitehead. Joel told me he could help me with my medical problems including the degenerating spine. Iwas thrilled. The diagnosis was that I had a kidney yang deficiency, a prolapsed stomach, liver blood dryness, a bacterial infection, allergies to eggs, milk and several other things. My body wasn't absorbing calcium, B vitamins or iron. I believed in Joel's ability to heal so I couldn't wait to get started.

            Joel prescribed some Chinese Herbs, energy treatments, and a special diet that I had to follow. My condition improved and I was able to walk without hanging on to the walls or furniture. Then came the Nesshi treatments. I no longer have a prolapsed stomach, my organs are healing and my back feels a whole lot better, except for a lowere back pain due to deficient kidney energy, which he is currently treating. Joel also gave me treatments to help with some painful childhood memories. He successfully treated me for stress, fear, milk, sugar, pain and a painful bacterial infection. My body is now able to absorb calcium and other essential vitamins and minerals. Every day I look and feel much better. Joel has taught me many things including how to eat healthy and nutritious food.

            My fiance had serious lung problems. He went to see Joel as well. Joel diagnosed the condition that is known as damp heat. Joel prescribed several herbs and now my fiance can breathe sweet air for the first time in twenty years.

            I've spread the news about Joel's ability to heal to several professional people, family, friends and even to strangers I have met on the street. I see a lot of extremely happy faces coming and going from his office. I can't help but spread the news everywhere I go.

            Joel has totally changed my life, I am no longer suicidal. I don't have to worry about being confined to a wheelchair. My organs are functioning properly again and I have a second chance in life today because of him. With a few more treatments I'll be as good as new.

                                                                                                -Diana Cole, Kelowna, BC


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            Everyone has heard of arthritis, but you're not aware of the overall understanding of it until you have suffered with the painful swollen and deformed joints.

            Millions of people are walking around with this collagen disease. I was one of them until I went to see Dr. Joel Whitehead.

            Through Joel's analysis and examination of my lifestyle and diet he discovered the source of my problems. Number one, I had and addiction to sugar – it controlled my. I ate sweets constantly, the craving or need for sugar was overpowering. It was like a double-edged sword. When I was eating the sweets, I felt good, but shortly after I felt ashamed and disappointed in myself.

            Throughout my treatments with Joel the affect on my arthritis was marvelous and almost immediate. Sugar cravings no longer control me. I have lost five pounds, have full use of my hands that are PAIN FREE.

            Thanks to Dr. Whitehead's extensive wisdon in the field of Chinese Medicine and his broad knowledge in nutrition, I have control of my life again.

                                                            -Your Patient Always

                                                                        Jean Hart, Kelowna, BC



            I just wanted to let you know how well the Nesshi treatments have worked for me.

            I can't believe the difference it has made. I'm constantly catching myself and realizing that I don't hurt!! I'm biking and walking a lot.

            My husband has bee really great. He's making sure that I'm eating all the “right stuff.” We now have homemade chicken stock in the freezer at all times!Now might be a good time to invest in “chicken futures.”

            I'm so glad I came to see you.

                                                                                                Linda Limacher

                                                                                                Vancouver, BC


Gentle Joel – with the healing of the Nesshi treatment.

            I had unbearable pains in my lower back, through the pelvis and into the lower legs. After nine treatments the pain is gone and I can get on with my work. I also had arthritis really bad in my knuckles, shoulders and knee, which has all gone.

            The best thing is the hot flushes are down to a slight warming. My organs are working properly again...all with the Nesshi treatments.

            Thanks Joel.

                                                                                                Clare Austin,

                                                                                                Kelowna, BC

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Incredible Bowel Movements, Thanks to Joel Whitehead.


            For nearly seven years I had an average of two bowel movements per week. I suffered from abdominal pain, very bad gas and low energy. I tried every treatment I could find; conventional and alternative. But nothing worked. Then I tried your treatments. You gave me two weeks of allergy elimination with acupuncture and a week of Nesshi therapy. A week after my last treatment I suddenly started having bowel movements every day, no more abdominal pains, very little gas and increased energy. It's been two months now and thing are still going strong.

            I owe you a lot. Thanks Joel.

                                                                                                Darrin Caruso

                                                                                                Kelowna, BC


Joel – Words can't adequately express my gratitude. It was a scary day after my first Nesshi treatment. I went home wondering what the heck I had committed myself to! (Maybe I should have been committed!)

            After almost twenty years of pain and often a feeling of helplessness, I found you and you have given me back my Spirit. Who would have thought I would be happy to be able to clean my own house again?

            You are a caring healer, a confidante and a friend. Me and my husband thank you for giving us back our lives.

            We can dance again!

                                                                                                Susan Driussi,

                                                                                                Peachland, BC


Dear Dr. Whitehead

            Thank you for being in Kelowna, Thank you for your silly sense of humour and great big smile. Thank you for the Nesshi treatments, the hundreds of allergy tests and treatments, and well everything.

Thank you for giving me my health back. Thank you for helping me say goodbye to 13 years of depression, worry and sickness. I am a healthy person now. I will never forget you.

                                                                                                Sue Ray,

                                                                                                Kelowna, BC


Dear Joel,

            I just wanted to say thank you for all you've done to help me. It has become very clear to me just how important your role has become in my life in regards to my illness and healing process.

            You've taught me so much about the way our bodies work, the way we are affected by our environment, and the way emotions are connected to our health.

            In short, I want you to know you are appreciate and it is obvious that you truly care for your patients.

                                                                                                Lon Fedor

                                                                                                Winfield, BC


Dear Joel,

            Thank you for the wonderful care you have provided during the past two weeks. It is so wonderful to actually wake up in the morning and feel good. This has been the first time since I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia that I can say that I have some pain free times. You have helped me achieve two goals that were very important to me – getting off amytriptyline and being able to sleep through the night without drugs. I greatly appreciated the fact that you treated my “whole” person. The skills you have with Nesshi and Traditional Chinese Medicine are very powerful tools.


                                                                                                T. Dodds

                                                                                                Victoria, BC

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            Allergy free? I can't believe it! After 9 years of hives, headaches, fasts, pills and salves, I am allergy free thanks to your treatments. I'll miss my visits, but will enjoy eating everything again.

            I am deeply grateful.


                                                                                                Joyce McMillan

                                                                                                Kelowna, BC


            I was advised by my daughter, whose daughter is being treated by a Chinese Herbalist in Alberta, to seek such a person here in Kelowna who would help me with my health problem. Thus I made an appointment with Joel Whitehead in order to see if he could help me. My first appointment was, of course, just a discussion of my health problems. I have suffered from aching legs for a long time, bloating and gas, irritable bowel syndrome, back pain and macular degeneration. Through a simple test, he diagnosed me as having a prolapsed stomach which was causing me all my troubles. He offered me a set of treatments which would help me.

            After ten treatments my stomach is back in place, my leg aches a thing of the past, the bloating and gas and back pain have gone. No operation, No hospital – just treatments which have left me free from annoying and painful symptoms which I thought was “just aging.” I have also learned which foods to avoid and which are better for me. In fact I feel like a new person. I am most indebted to Joel Whitehead. I highly recommend him.


                                                                                                Gladys Blair,

                                                                                                Kelowna, BC


            I would like to say thank you so much for seeing that there was something seriously wrong going on in my body. How did you do that?

            If it wasn't for you, who knows. So again, thank you so much. You are amazing.


                                                                                                Les Franken

                                                                                                Westbank, BC


            I have been Joel's patient now for some twenty years. Over that time, I feel sure that I've avoided serious illness on more than one occasion.

            Yes, I've had trouble being as disciplined in my diet as he has suggested (cut out chocolate?), but generally have persevered and come for treatment when symptoms flared up. I'm 68, happy, healthy, and this Spring didn't need any 'tune-up work.'  Many Thanks!

                                                                                                Patricia Clapp

                                                                                                Nelson, BC

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I have come here from Switzerland to study English. I came to see Dr. Whitehead because I have been having much stress, depression and anxiety for many years. Dr. Whitehead is able to see what I need and I have only one treatment a week for only 5 weeks now and I feel completely cured. Thank you very much.

                                                                                                Thomas Amman

                                                                                                Bern, Switzerland




            You are one of the neatest, open headed, open minded people I have met with a true gift for healing the body mind and spirit. I became one of the lucky victims that have the merit of crossing your path, and or “open enough” to let you do your magic. I just wish the winds of change would blow you closer in my direction schlepping all the way from Florida to shvitz for an hour without my shivatas-- oy vey!!!  I know all the work will keep me in check. Forget the abs of steel, from now on, it's the twenty four hour gallbladder of steel – Thank you very much! G—D should grant you much goodness in your life and much deserved success for all the heartfelt work you do.  G—D Bless.


                                                                                                Reina Ezagvi

                                                                                                Aventura, Florida


            Thank you Dr. Whitehead for your care while I visited you. While the time was short, the calcium treatments did much to help me with my problem with the  parathyroid. I also found the work you did with the emotional treatment very effective.

                                                                                                Dr. Rachael Power

                                                                                                Maplewood, New Jersey



            Thank you for the treatments you gave me while in Oliver. I am walking straighter now and feeling a lot less pressure on my upper back and spine. I also greatly appreciate the relief for my allergies for Violet and myself. It has been amazing.

            I've also really enjoyed your articles. You're a great writer. I hope to continue seeing you from time to time when we are able to get down your way again. Sincerely,

                                                                                                Peter and Violet Bokstrom,

                                                                                                Maple Ridge, BC

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            I really want to thank you Joel, for all the help you gave me with your nesshi “torture” treatments. I never thought I would be able to feel this good since my accident. There is still some soft tissue damage which my physio here continues to chase down, but even he acknowledges that I'm working on another level now.

            The allergies have also least my diet is broader now with a lot less fear of what I'm putting into my mouth. And I don't know which one was responsible for the jump in energy, but even Mike has noticed a huge leap in that department. All the best Joel. See you next time I can get to Kelowna.

                                                                                                Janice Hill,

                                                                                                Burnaby, BC



Thank you Joel for all that you have done for us. In a way, you have given some sense of our lives back to us. Your emotional allergies have done the most for me of anything I have done yet. You have showed us how much our emotional and physical selves are tied together. Lise says so too.

            I hope that if we get a chance to come back from Quebec, that we could see you for even more treatments. It has helped so much.

                                                                                                Camille and Lise Lamy

                                                                                                Sherbrook, Quebec


Really, Joel, everyone from work here is so surprised that I feel so good. I tell them that I have no more fibromyalgia. Only a few knew how sick I was, but everyone notices a difference in the way I walk, talk and smile all the time since I came there and saw you. I really can't thank you enough, even though I don't think I want that nesshi treatment again. Still, if I have to to feel this good. What the heck!

                                                                                                Debbie Sawchuk,

                                                                                                Sherwood Park, Alberta


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