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The Mind and Body are One

 Here are a list of articles  with synopsis:

Kidneys In Support of Everything - In this article I describe the elements of the Chinese concept of Kidney energy, Yin and Yang and its related consequences.

Your Right Side, Your Liver - In this article I discuss the ramifications of illness in the Chinese concept of the Liver and Gallbladder.

When Your Stomach is Down, You're Down- This is an article that deals with the problems of Stomach Prolapse.

A Sinking Feeling In Your Stomach- This is a further and more comprehensive article on Stomach Prolapse. Guess this stuff must be important!

Fibromyalgia And the Path of Pain- This article describes fibromyalgia, not as a single phenomenon, but as the accumulative cascading of the patient into the spiral of debilitation.

Does Fibromyalgia Begin in The Digestive System?- So often do I see a pattern of stress that begins with stomach prolapse that continues to unbalance the body!

Insomnia- If you have insomnia, where does your particular insomnia come from?

Headaches and Migraines, In the Zone- You can tell a lot about the origin of your headaches simply by zeroing in on where they happen.

Anxiety and Panic Attacks- Hopefully, at least, this will be a place to start for people who suffer from this debilitating condition.

Depression- Depression, like every condition, is a factor of both the mind and the body.

Emotional Allergies- I believe that emotions are the battleground and the middle ground between the body and our greater spirit. Here is a glimpse at how I treat this middle ground.

The Taking of Herbs- A description of the role herbs play in a natural health regimen.

The Swamp Within Us- In Chinese Medicine we see dampness as an interference to the function of the Spleen and our digestion. This condition is widespread and is at the foundation of many long term deficiency diseases.

The Many Faces of Diabetes- This mainly discusses the sources and results of the modern day scourge of our health called diabetes mellitis.

Our Stress- This not only discusses the physiology of stress, but also the long term ramification of living in a stressful world.

Stress and Your Immunity- When we are under stress, what are the ramifications of the consequences it has on our immune system?

Stress and The Bowel- Stress has a profound effect on our digestive system and is integrally involved in distressing conditions like Colitis, Crohn's Disease and IBS.

Stress and Your MemoryJust can't seem to remember things. Maybe you're stressed? Look into the possibilities.

Shingles that Just Go On Forever- If shingles aren't bad enough, if it stays long enough it embeds itself in your nerves called: Post Herpetic Neuralgia.

Nurturing the Spleen-
The Spleen is the name of the main digestive entity in Chinese Medicine. Find out how to improve it and make your digestion better.

Neuropathies Can be Treated Successfully- Neuropathy is that condition where the ends of a limb or two can feel numb and ironically lead to constant pain.

Endometriosis- Doctors just tell women that they have it and that they can cut it out. But, what are the causes and how do you keep it from growing back?

Eczema and Psoriasis- Sadly, skin diseases of this type are very frustrating and hard to get rid of. Here are some ideas that we've had success with.

Diagnosis: The One Word Disaster- Once you get a diagnostic label, many doctors may stop looking at the patient and start focussing on the disease. Is this what we really want?

What is Real Healing?- Many people think that real healing is just feeling better after you take a medicine or get a treatment. But is it really healing?

The Yin and the Yang of ItThis is a treatise on what balance and healing is supposed to amount to.

Waiting for the Next Bladder Infection-When we start getting bladder infections, why do we keep on getting them? Here are some ideas.

Illnesses and Their Related Events- This is a sort of rant on the misunderstanding that can happen when patients can't relate their state of dis-ease with their past history.

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