Joel Whitehead
Dr. Traditional
Chinese Medicine

       Like so many of my cohorts in the alternative medicine field, my interests in the field were cemented by my own health concerns and the people around me.  In my twenties I was losing my hair and looking kind of stressed so some friends started suggesting I start looking at a more qualitative way of life.
       I read it all, did it all and still didn't solve almost any of  my problems. Between the ages of twenty five to thirty I was spending a lot of money on alternative and western health care and not really getting anywhere. I was a school teacher and got layed off about the same time that I got dumped by my latest girlfriend, so I fatefully took a job in Japan when it came along, to fill the void.
        After about a year and a half in Japan, a very wise and perceptive lady I knew saw that I wasn't well. I didn't sleep very well, couldn't sit for long, couldn't stand for very long and was always in pain and very stressed. So she invited me to try some Nesshi Therapy. I never looked back. Once I got my life turned around I knew that I had to stay long enough to learn this wonderful treatment that had so saved my life.
         Soon after that I met my wife, a Canadian girl from Nelson, B.C. After eight years there,  finishing my studies in Japanese and Nesshi therapy, we came back to Nelson and started raising our family. I resumed teaching, but it was apparent to my wife that I was not going to be happy until I completed my oriental medical studies. I did that at the International College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Victoria, BC and graduated in 1995. Thereafter, we moved to the Okanagan where I spent the next fifteen years  in my own clinic in Kelowna. I was forty six when I started there, so if there was ever a case of better late than never, I was it.
          Now, In 2010, I have moved my business to Penticcton, closer to home, as I had been commuting from my home in Summerland all those fifteen years. Life is good here in the South Okanagan. Though I had many good patients and many good friends in Kelowna whom I still see when I go back up there, Penticton and the South Okanagan seems more like me. When patients come from far away, they like it here.
           I hope to write the rest of my story here. Life is not hard when you love the work. Like the old saying goes, "Life is short, but the art is long." Each step requires another dimension  of learning and  developing in the healing arts; more to offer, more to do....all in all, a very exciting life.

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